Thursday, July 17, 2008


I`ve never listened to one of Fr Z`s podcasts before but I decided to try the current one as it features an interview with Fr Tim Finigan about introducing the Extraordinary Form of Mass into a parish. It is rather long at 52 minutes and the first part is about St Bonaventure but I did enjoy the interview. I was interested to hear what was said as I`ve just finished an article for the Latin Mass Society magazine on the same topic for the next issue.

Fr Finigan makes the point that most of the strong opposition to the EF comes from the older age group and much of what he describes sounds very familiar. Of course things are never that simple as I know younger people who get angry about it and older ones who enjoy it. This past Sunday we had the second of the revived `Chant Sunday` Masses. This is the Novus Ordo in English except that we had the Orbis Factor setting of the ordinary. I invited people to sit down and just listen to the Kyrie and Gloria as I think some of the problems come from the congregation feeling that they have to join in and can`t. I hope after a few more Sundays of listening people may want to join in. (While there were one or two complaints this Sunday I`m glad to say that we had far more praise and people seemed to enjoy the more contemplative style of music. We try to balance things by having a Youth Mass on the first Sunday with guitars and about every two months we have a choir, the Voices of Hope, which is mainly made up of the Philippino members of the congregation.)

Sometimes people say that they don`t like Latin at Mass as the children can`t understand it. I`m delighted to say that St Mary`s primary school have started learning Orbis Factor and next term we will be running the excellent Minimus course as an after school activity.

Do try the podcast as there are many good things in it.


Anonymous said...

Latin's not just for Mass. Readers (in the UK) may wish to encourage their MP to sign the Early Day Motion tabled by Tom Brake MP to support the Latin in the Park initiative. See (and for the Latin initiative, -- sorry, only in Oxford and London so far but I'm sure the coordinator would appreciate demand from other places).

Fr Michael Brown said...

Thanks Anonymous. I`m happy to support anything that promotes the teaching of Latin.