Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Another new blog: Abbot Mark Hargreaves o.s.b.

This evening I stumbled across this new blog by one of the retired abbots of Prinknash, Abbot Mark Hargreaves, which looks as if it should be an interesting read. The community now only numbers twelve monks and has left the rather futuristic abbey built in 1972 and moved back into St Peter`s Grange where they started life. I have had for a long time the three volume work `The Celebration of Mass` by O`Connell published in 1940 which is illustrated with photos of the monks celebrating the Mass in the then provisional abbey church. I see from the website that they celebrate the EF Mass on a Saturday at 11 and on the first Sunday of the month at 3pm. ( I have the same arrangement!).


Anonymous said...

Now this is what I would call good news. The Grange is a charming Cotswold building and comfortably fits into the beautiful hillside setting.

The new Abbey, and in particular its chapel, was an eyesore. Visitors to the chapel had to walk down a steep road at the side of the building and enter what seemed to be a kitchen door. This opened onto a low ceilinged room with the choir around a central altar. The architecture just didn't work. I always felt claustrophobic and always glad to step out into the open air.

Anonymous said...

Very interested to have your comments, Father.
Abbot Mark