Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Goodbye and Hello

This will be the last post on Forest Murmurs. I`ve been in Gateshead two weeks now and the dust is finally beginning to settle enough to let me find my way here. I wouldn`t say everything is sorted out here. There`s still some stuff in boxes I can`t find a home for and I am in need of an electrician and plumber amongst others. This morning I took my cats out for a walk around their new garden which they seemed to find interesting and more importantly they both ran back into the presbytery of their own accord. Dizzy loves company and has had only mine for the most part so once he gets his bearings I expect he will be trying to get into Mass every day as he did at Forest Hall. If he gets into the day care centre for dementia sufferers on the ground floor I expect I`ll not see him for long stretches. 

I could write more about my new situation but I think that it would be more appropriate to do so on my new blog Gateshead Revisited which is here but still very much under construction. So farewell to FM and on to GR.