Saturday, August 21, 2010

Pantokrator for Longbenton

I am glad to say that Sr Petra Clare has completed the large Pantokrator for SS Peter and Paul`s, Longbenton. Unfortunately it is not yet in place as there have been delays with the holidays. It is still in its crate. I`m very keen to see it. Sister has however sent some photos of the completed icon. Here they are. Next item will be the Coronation of the Virgin to go above the Annunciation icon at St Mary`s, Forest Hall.

And here is where it will go (on the centre panel where the outline of the former cross can be seen.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Dominicans at Durham

On Sunday I went through to Durham to celebrate Rosary and Benediction for a group of Catholic famillies who were saying goodbye to the Shogren family who have been part of the group for a number of years (and Paul Shogren has led the band for St Patrick`s night here at Forest hall for the last few years) who are returning to their native Australia. I`d not been inside the church of St Cuthbert`s Durham for about twenty years and forgot that it is one of the more attractive churches of the diocese. However while there I was told that the parish newsletter a couple of weeks ago had announced that the Dominicans would be coming to run the chaplaincy and parish from 2012. At present the parish priest, Fr Currer, is also university chaplain.
Back in November 2008 I said it was a pity that no male religious community had had a presence in the city (although there were a couple of Mill Hill fathers living at Tenter Terrace for a while). I think this is a very exciting development for the university Catholic chaplaincy. It will give an added strength to the Catholic presence which a single priest in his own cannot provide. It may also result in a few more vocations for the Dominicans ( who nonetheless don`t seem to be doing so badly these days compared to others).
While I`m on the topic of university chaplaincies I`m sure the Dominicans would go down well at my old university, St Andrews, too!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Downside photos

Many thanks to Leo for these photos from this week`s Training Conference at Downside. I see quite a few familiar faces there. I hope all went well and I`m sure we`ll hear more across the blogosphere.

Thursday, August 12, 2010


I`ve been in Rome this week with a pilgrimage but have been checking my email and have heard that the Downside conference has been a great success with over a hundred people at the Pontifical Mass celebrated by bishop Schneider this morning which is excellent for a weekday Mass in a somewhat out of the way place like Downside. I look forward to seeing pictures soon.

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Catching up with the LMS

I`ve had quite a few emails with information from the LMS in the last two weeks. The first were about the Downside training course which I`m gald to say has no spare places left. I would very much have liked to go especially as bishop Athanasius Schneider will be there, but unfortunately I can`t make it. The conference runs from August 10th -13th and the Masses are open to the publlic. Other bloggers have been quicker to post the details but for anyone who hasn`t seen them they are as follows:

Latin Mass Society Training Conference for Priests Wishing to Learn the Extraordinary Form of Mass

at Downside Abbey
Stratton on the Fosse, Radstock, Somerset BA3 4RH

Liturgies Open to the Public

Tuesday 10 August at 11.00 am
(St Lawrence Martyr)
Solemn Mass

Wednesday 11 August at 11.15 am
(SS Tibertius & Susanna Martyrs)
Missa Cantata

Thursday 12 August at 11.00 am
(St Clare Virgin)
Pontifical High Mass
Celebrant: Bishop Athanasius Schneider ORC
Auxiliary Bishop of Karaganga, Kazakhstan

Friday 13 August at 11.00 am
(SS Hippolytus & Cassian Martyrs)
Solemn Mass

Details: LMS office on 020 7404 7284

Also I got information about the walking pilgrimage to Walsingham later this month which I have mentioned before. Here it is:


For Immediate Release

5 August 2010

* Latin Mass Society Introduces a Walking Pilgrimage to Walsingham

The Latin Mass Society is organising a Walking Pilgrimage from Ely to Walsingham from Friday 20 August to Sunday 22 August. There is a noble tradition of walking pilgrimages to Walsingham which the LMS wishes to revive. The pilgrimage is inspired by the great Paris to Chartres Traditional annual walking pilgrimage which attracts thousands of young participants.
The LMS pilgrims will leave Ely on Friday 20 August after a 7.00 am blessing in Ely Cathedral. Accommodation will be in tents. There will be daily Mass in the Traditional Latin Rite concluding with a Traditional Mass in the Chapel of Reconciliation at Walsingham at 2.30 pm on Sunday 22 August. This will be open to all.
The pilgrimage will be restricted to adults for this year whilst any practical problems are ironed out. It is hoped it will be much larger next year.
Dr Joseph Shaw, LMS Chairman, said: “I am very excited by this pilgrimage – it’s the sort of practical and challenging devotion which young people in particular find of great benefit. This is just one of the evangelical activities by which the LMS is responding to Pope Benedict’s call for a fresh presentation of the Faith in Europe”.
For registration and full details potential pilgrims should e mail the organiser, Paul Smeaton, on or telephone the LMS office on 020 7404 7284.

For further information, please contact John Medlin, General Manager, or James Murphy, LMS Office Manager, on (T) 020 7404 7284; (F) 020 7831 5585;
(E mail)

Monday, August 02, 2010

Good News from Reading

I`ve been away last week and have quite a few things to catch up on but I just thought I should mention the email I had today from Fr de Malleray of the FSSP. The Fraternity recently bought a house near to the church of St William of York where they say Mass. The news is that this house has now been canonically erected. At my talk at the LMS AGM I lamented that although the FSSP is present in England it has no canonically-approved houses and so no stability. I`m delighted to say that that has changed. This means the Fraternity has a permanent, canonical presence in the dioceseof Portsmouth. And once people see that it doesn`t mean that the diocese of Portsmouth has collapsed as a result it may lead to other foundations in England, God willing. Congratulations to Fr de Malleray and the FSSP!

Fr de Malleray wrote:
Sunday 1st August 2010, St John Fisher House, Reading.
Dear Rev Fathers,
It is with great joy that I share with you an important news: the house of the Fraternity of St Peter in England, based in Reading, Portsmouth Diocese, is canonically erected as of today. It has been four years since the Priestly Fraternity of St Peter has started offering Mass here every Sunday. It is almost two years since we have moved our permanent residence to Reading. It is one and a half year since we have started leading communal life here with Fr Leworthy, FSSP. It is one year since we have had our offer accepted for the purchase of our house on Eastern Avenue.
Canonical erections of our houses worldwide are made by the Superior General of our Fraternity, Very Rev Fr John Berg. But by law, canonical erections necessary require prior consent in writing of the diocesan bishop. We are very grateful to Bishop Crispian Hollis who has granted permission for the canonical erection of St John Fisher House in his diocese (Reading). [The quotes below from the Code of Canon Law of the Church will detail for you the meaning of this step.] A precious consequence of this is the permission to have the Blessed Sacrament reserved in our oratory, where we pray the Divine Office daily. Also, there is no limit of time as to the duration of the canonical erection, by itself a permanent status.Many sympathetic clergy and faithful across the country have contributed to this good result through their material and spiritual support. Today’s Solemn High Mass will be offered at all their intentions. Deo gratias.
Can. 609 §1 A house of a religious institute is established, with the prior written consent of the diocesan Bishop, by the authority competent according to the constitutions. Can. 610 §1 In establishing religious houses, the welfare of the Church and of the institute are to be kept in mind, and care must be taken to safeguard everything that is necessary for the members to lead their religious life in accordance with the purposes and spirit proper to the institute. §2 No house is to be established unless it is prudently foreseen that the needs of the members can be suitably provided for.Can. 611 The consent of the diocesan Bishop for the establishment of a religious house carries with it the right: 1° to lead a life according to the character and purposes proper to the institute; 2° to engage in the works which are proper to the institute, in accordance with the law, and subject to any conditions attached to the consent; 3° for clerical religious institutes to have a church, subject to the provisions of can. 1215 §3, and to conduct the sacred ministries, with due observance of the law.

Very Rev Fr John Berg, FSSP will solemnly inaugurate St John Fisher House on Sunday 3rd October 2010. After the 11am Solemn High Mass (External Solemnity of Our Lady of the Rosary) at St William of York Church, the faithful are welcome to come to the house for visit and refreshments.

Clergy (diocesan, religious, seminarians) are cordially invited for a special 'Opening' day at St John Fisher House on Monday 11th October 2010 from 11am to 4pm, on the Feast of the Motherhood of the Blessed Virgin Mary (please kindly let us know if you intend to attend, and if you would require accommodation the night before).

Cordially yours in Our Lord,
Fr Armand de Malleray, FSSP