Saturday, April 30, 2011

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Sorry for the absence of posts. I had quite a lot to say about the Northern Cross debates (local diocesan paper) and there was a lot going on I could have said something about but somehow I couldn`t get around to sitting at the keyboard. Still waiting for the SP instruction and any news about the future of Ushaw. I was told today that there was another Middlesborough priest present at the York Mass but in the congregation. That was a pity as his choir dress would have added something special to the occasion. Maybe next year!

Holy Week was OK. The transfer for the paschal candle wasn`t in the box for Forest Hall so the candle looked rather bare until today when it arrived. I did my best to carve the required symbols but they were not visible from any distance. I hope it is ok to put the transfer with the date etc on a week later! The vigil began at 8. Even at 8.30 it was still light. However the light was fading and by the time we had the Gloria the switching on of the lights certainly made a difference. Numbers were down for the Vigil but Sunday morning was standing-room only. A parishioner who had been elsewhere in the diocese asked me to guess what time her vigil had started. I dared to suggest 6pm but she told me it was 12 noon! I don`t suspect this was from any dislike of the Bugnini reform! I asked what happened with the Exsultet and `this is the night`. Simple: the words were changed to `this is the day`! Will the new translation make any difference to this kind of abuse? I suspect not. However recently our bishop has sent out Pastoral Guidelines` to priests about a number of sacramental matters. I never understand why they have to be called `guidelines` and can`t be called instructions or a decree but one of the points included is that a vigil Mass of any kind cannot substitute for a Sunday Mass if it is said before 4pm on a Saturday. Not far from here there has long been a Saturday noon Mass which was taken to fulfil the Sunday obligation and I hear that that has now stopped so things can be put right with a bit of effort.

This year I didn`t celebrate a EF Good Friday service. Last year the attendance was very poor. As it was the only EF Good Friday in the diocese I thought there might have beeen more interest. As it is quite a thing to finish the 3pm service and then start the EF one at 5pm (which coming from the same stable is not that different) I decided to give it a miss. No complaints so far from the EF faithful.

So that`s all that has been happening recently. For the beatification of Pope John Paul II suggest readers ( if I still have any!) may like to look at the Sensible Bond where I think Ches puts the whole matter very well.

Saturday, April 09, 2011

Spartacus and the Extraordinary Form!

Visitors to the MiL site may have noticed this video. Everytime I watch it it makes me smile.

The Roman official reads the messsage from Marcus Crassus to Spartacus and his companions thus:

`Your life is saved: slaves you have been and slaves you will remain, but you will be spared the terrible pains of crucifixion only if you will never more say the Mass of Saint Pius V'

Saturday, April 02, 2011

Instruction on Summorum Pontificum not yet sent to bishops?

MiL reports today that the long awaited instruction on the implementation of Summorum Pontificum has been sent to the worlds bishops. I`ve not said anything about the instruction so far. I signed the petition protesting against proposed restrictions but I had been told before Christmas by Someone Who Ought to Know that there was nothing to worry about. This proved not to be quite true. Rorate Caeli reported a few days ago that severe restrictions had been included during the document`s passage through the CDF but these had been removed by the Pope at the final stage.

According to MiL the earlier reported ban on ordinations in the EF outside of Ecclesia Dei institutes (unless permission is granted by Rome) unfortunately has been retained. The teaching of the EF in seminaries is recommended but there appears to be nothing on whether SP applies to other Western rites such as the Ambrosian rite. Oh well I`m sure we`ll see the full text soon.

UPDATE.04.04.11 The news today appears to be that it will not now be available until next month.
UPDATE 05.04.11 MiL today is saying that Tornelli has got it wrong but agrees it will bear the publication date of April 30th. Well it is coming soon whoever is right.

Friday, April 01, 2011

Aid to the Church in Need UK – Annual Walsingham Pilgrimage of Hope

I have recieved the following which I am happy to mention.

Aid to the Church in Need UK – Annual Walsingham Pilgrimage of Hope – Saturday, 30th April 2010

Please join us as Aid to the Church in Need remembers suffering Christians around the world with our 2011 Pilgrimage to the Roman Catholic National Shrine in Walsingham.

ACN is organising coaches from London Victoria, Bressenden Place, departing at 08:00. Should parishioners wish to join us at Walsingham, travelling independently or, perhaps, organising coaches from their locality they are very welcome to do so.

For those who would like to join us on this Pilgrimage and would like more information a brochure and booking form is downloadable from the ACN website at the following link You could also contact us on 020 8642 8668