Saturday, April 30, 2011

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Sorry for the absence of posts. I had quite a lot to say about the Northern Cross debates (local diocesan paper) and there was a lot going on I could have said something about but somehow I couldn`t get around to sitting at the keyboard. Still waiting for the SP instruction and any news about the future of Ushaw. I was told today that there was another Middlesborough priest present at the York Mass but in the congregation. That was a pity as his choir dress would have added something special to the occasion. Maybe next year!

Holy Week was OK. The transfer for the paschal candle wasn`t in the box for Forest Hall so the candle looked rather bare until today when it arrived. I did my best to carve the required symbols but they were not visible from any distance. I hope it is ok to put the transfer with the date etc on a week later! The vigil began at 8. Even at 8.30 it was still light. However the light was fading and by the time we had the Gloria the switching on of the lights certainly made a difference. Numbers were down for the Vigil but Sunday morning was standing-room only. A parishioner who had been elsewhere in the diocese asked me to guess what time her vigil had started. I dared to suggest 6pm but she told me it was 12 noon! I don`t suspect this was from any dislike of the Bugnini reform! I asked what happened with the Exsultet and `this is the night`. Simple: the words were changed to `this is the day`! Will the new translation make any difference to this kind of abuse? I suspect not. However recently our bishop has sent out Pastoral Guidelines` to priests about a number of sacramental matters. I never understand why they have to be called `guidelines` and can`t be called instructions or a decree but one of the points included is that a vigil Mass of any kind cannot substitute for a Sunday Mass if it is said before 4pm on a Saturday. Not far from here there has long been a Saturday noon Mass which was taken to fulfil the Sunday obligation and I hear that that has now stopped so things can be put right with a bit of effort.

This year I didn`t celebrate a EF Good Friday service. Last year the attendance was very poor. As it was the only EF Good Friday in the diocese I thought there might have beeen more interest. As it is quite a thing to finish the 3pm service and then start the EF one at 5pm (which coming from the same stable is not that different) I decided to give it a miss. No complaints so far from the EF faithful.

So that`s all that has been happening recently. For the beatification of Pope John Paul II suggest readers ( if I still have any!) may like to look at the Sensible Bond where I think Ches puts the whole matter very well.


ScepticalBeliever said...

Rev. Fr you wrote: 'Sorry for the absence of posts. I had quite a lot to say about the Northern Cross debates (local diocesan paper)...' but then failed to do so. You have a reason?

1569 Rising said...

Of course you are forgiven, Father.

Can I open up a can of worms when I say that I was deeply impressed with the whole Royal Wedding day, and especially the BCP Marriage Service in the Abbey? The Archbishop was, as usual, dignified; the Bishop of London's sermon was inspiring, and the music awe-inspiring.
(I will get into trouble from an Austrian relative who was not impressed with the music!)

Did anyone see the Fr R.B. blog about the wedding? Such a sour interpretation which angered me, and many others, apparently. One can be critical without being cruelly hurtful. Best thing to do with a blogger like this is to ignore it by boycotting his posts.

There, got that off my chest!!

FrankE said...

"Rev. Fr you wrote: 'Sorry for the absence of posts. I had quite a lot to say about the Northern Cross debates (local diocesan paper)...' but then failed to do so. You have a reason?"

Well Fr. B did say that he couldn't get around to sitting at the keyboard.

Presumably that's his reason.



Giorgio Roversi said...

I agree with you, 1569 Rising. Fr R post is quite shocking. Our society is becoming more and more secular, and I think it is reassuring and uplifting to see the future King and Queen of England committing themselves and their love to God with a beautiful prayer.

English Pastor said...

It is good to see you're blogging begin again. I look forward to your post on the Northern Cross.
On a different note, why were the lights put on after the Gloria and not prior to the Exultet as instructed by the Missal? Christ has entered His Church but we remain in the dark? I don't think staying in the dark with the Light of Christ present is a good move Father, or is it just that you picked up this practice from other priests and parishes? Check #15 of the rubrics for the Vigil.

Fr Michael Brown said...

Interesting point English Pastor. We had some lights on after the Exsultet: the spot lights for the lectern and chair. The rubrics also say that the altar candles are lit during the Gloria so it does seem to be envisaged that there is an increase of light at that point. I suppose I got this from my time at Ushaw.....

Fr Michael Brown said...

Thanks Frank. I had intended to comment on the whole NC thing but never got to write it down. There is a new edition out this weekend with, I believe, a letter from Fr Gary Dickson saying priests are not primarily facilitators but sacrificers, if I`m correctly informed. It always takes an extra week to reach this far-flung outskirt of Newcastle.

Fr Michael Brown said...

I wasn`t very happy about Fr Blake`s comments on the Royal Wedding.

ScepticalBeliever said...

I suppose we should all have the right to comment on blog postings but why the criticism of Fr Blake's admittedly provocative posting on the Royal Wedding but no comment (so far, at least) on his excellent posting 'Duty and Monarchy'. Are Fr Blake's critics being rather selective? I must suggest so!

Anonymous said...

Of course you still have readers!
Happy Easter, Father Michael

Em said...

No mention of Fr. Blake's posting about that "hymn" Jerusalem either which made me laugh as every time I hear those ridiculous questions I want to shout out NO at the top of my voice too.

As for 1569 Rising thinking the music was "awe-inspiring" - all I can say is that he needs to get out more.

1569 Rising said...

I suppose the lesson of the Fr Blake/Monarchy saga is that it shows the futility of boycotts.
I was so disgusted at his Wedding rant, that I vowed never to darken his literary doors again, so I missed the 180 degree volte face in his Duty and Monarchy posting.

I cannot believe the change of tone, so maybe the adverse comments his original posting attracted brought about a change of heart.

Em accuses me of, I think, a lack of taste when I described the music as being awesome. I stand by that, except I was not very keen on the Rutter. I must agree with Em and Fr Blake on Jerusalem. I went off it when it was adopted by the Labour Party under Tony Blair (or was it Kinnock), as their anthem. Not that I am politically biased, of course.

Can I suggest to Em that it could have been worse - we could have had Larks Ascending or even Handel's Hallelujuia chorus. They would have sent the Austrian Alps
wobbling. And, I promise to get out more.

Sceptical Believer - happy now?

Seeker said...

On the matter of music at Mass, I see the Diocese is keen to take the opportunity of the new translation to raise the standard of music in the parishes :)

ScepticalBeliever said...

Thank you, Uprising. Yes, i'm happy now. And I do hope you get out more. Perhaps Em will offer you a holiday in Austria to enable you to hear what music she likes?

FrankE said...

On the matter of music at Mass, I see the Diocese is keen to take the opportunity of the new translation to raise the standard of music in the parishes :)

"Bind us together, Lord", sung in four-part?