Thursday, July 10, 2008

Another Triumph for Ushaw

Following the news that Fr Simon Henry, who was a contemporary of mine at Ushaw, has been entrusted with a personal parish for the Extraordinary Form of Mass in Liverpool, while reading the Leeds Latin Mass Society blog I see that Fr Tim Wiley who was in my year, has been appointed Co-ordinator for the Extraordinary Rite of Mass in the diocese of Leeds. When we were at Ushaw there were about 160 students for the priesthood. At that time I knew about ten of the students were members of the Latin Mass Society. Not all of them got ordained by any means and some did and lost interest but I thought it was quite a healthy number. However that was back in the dark old days of the 1980`s when such things were not looked on favourably. I`m glad to see that some of us have survived and are now thriving under the pontificate of Pope Benedict XVI!

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