Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I know a number of bloggers on my blogroll have already mentioned this but it is extraordinary that the Pope`s Opus Dei hosts in Australia have made the Pope welcome to the extent that they have even provided an eleven month old kitten, Bella, for his amusement as he prepares for World Youth Day. So extraordinary that the Vatican spokesman, Fr Federico Lombardi, has said he knows nothing about it.
I have two cats and Dizzy, pictured above, is well-known in the parish. Every morning he tries to get into Mass. Sometimes he succeeds but is usually removed as he can become the centre of attention rather than the liturgy. However after Mass I can normally see him sitting on the other side of the glass door waiting to get back in to church so I let him through to see the sacristans. My other cat is much more of a recluse and not very keen to meet new people.
I was already a huge fan of Cardinal Ratzinger after the Ratzinger Report of 1985. Having a Pope with a fondness of cats and Mozart who has freed the 1962 missal is more than I thought was possible in this world. Ad multos annos!


Anonymous said...

Dizzy is beautiful. Have you got a photo of your other cat?
Some churches have pet services when the parishioners bring their pets to church. Maybe Dizzy is trying to tell you he would like very much if you could organise one of those.

Jackie Parkes MJ said...

Sorry but we love labradors!!

Fr Michael Brown said...

I`ll put a picture of my other cat up soon.

Fr Michael Brown said...

Jackie, I`m delighted to hear it. I have thought about a dog at times but I think for me it will always be a cat (or two). I like the sense of mystery about them.