Thursday, February 04, 2010

Latin Mass Society Full-Time General Manager

From the LMS.

The LMS wishes to appoint a full-time General Manager will be responsible for the day to day administration and development of the Society as directed by the Committee. The post is based in the LMS’s office in Holborn, London WC2. Applicants will have excellent managerial and communication skills and a proven track record of success. They will also have a knowledge and love of the Traditional liturgy and movement. The salary and pension package is in the range of £35K to £40K.

Much of the work involves the co-ordination and organisation of flagship national/international events including training conferences, the LMS AGM and the production of the annual Accounts, major Masses and liturgical events with national importance. It also involves maintaining and developing contacts with the hierarchy, diocesan authorities, Traditional Catholic bodies in England and abroad and the Traditional priestly and monastic orders. The General Manager will develop the LMS’s Seminarians Fund in order to assist vocations.

The General Manager will also make strategic recommendations to the Committee, particularly concerning development, the generation of increased publicity, membership and income, and the timely control of expenditure. He/she will oversee and administer legacy generation work and will support the Society’s network of diocesan representatives.

This position will entail some evening and weekend work, and travel, both UK and internationally.

A job description and details of the application process are available from the LMS office at 11-13 Macklin Street, London WCB 5NH. Tel: 020 7404 7284.

E mail:

The closing date for receipt of applications is Thursday 4 March 2010. Interviews will be held in London from mid to late March.


a musician said...

Are you going to apply, Father?

ScepticalBeliever said...

I hope that he isn't? We need him here.

A full-time manager (complemented by two other staff) for a society of (I believe) somewhat less than 4000 members is difficult to understand. What is he to do all day?

I suggest that the overwhelming number of LMS members never do anything more than pay their subs, go to Mass (not always to the Traditional Mass!) and read Mass of Ages. In other words, they give no work to the staff in London.

Athanasius said...

Sceptical Believer - my thoughts entirely. However, I expect plausible explanations will be given.

Miriam said...

I didn't know that you advertised jobs on your blog - I should visit it more often. I quite fancy the look of the post myself - bit of a commute from Hull, though!

ScepticalBeliever said...

Miriam, if you got the job you could claim travelling and Monday-Friday accomodation (you could imagine yourself as an M.P.!). Problem is you are a woman and somehow I still think women are not quite equal to men in Traditional circles. So, you might not get the job!

Joseph Shaw said...

Sceptical Believer - what has the size of the LMS membership got to do with the workload of the LMS office staff? Do you imagine all we do is service the members?

That idea is really quite funny. Posting out a quarterly mag and organising the AGM - yeah sure that wouldn't take two full time and two part time staff.

You may not have noticed, but the LMS organises about 20 annual pilgrimages around the country every year, and countless local Masses and other events, in conjunction with three dozen local representatives. There is usually a pilgrimage abroad as well. We organise a Confirmation service each year in London, a national Day of Recollection, and two priest training conferences. The staff do this while answering hundreds of enquiries by phone and email; our website, much in need of development, gets 700 hits a day from all over the world. We have rolling lists of hundreds of Masses and other events on the website, which are selectively advertised in the Catholic press.

Every two years we participate in a meeting of the International Una Voce Federation, for which lengthy reports of the situation in England and Wales, collating information from all over the country, are needed.

We have plans to do a lot more than we are currently doing: as I explained in my speech to the AGM last Summer, in addition to priest training we need to become involved in Gregorian Chant Training, and the training of altar servers and MCs. To facilitate our expanded activities, we have moved to a bigger office, and are undertaking a revision of our constitution. A new website will be going live in a few weeks; after that the magazine needs to be revamped.

If you could do all this just on your own, without any help, you may be just the person we are looking for!

Joseph Shaw said...

Sceptical Believer tells us: "Problem is you are a woman and somehow I still think women are not quite equal to men in Traditional circles."

It will no doubt amaze you, SB, to hear that the LMS was run for many years by a very stong-minded member of the fairer sex, Sue Coote. She was the leading force of the LMS for a whole generation of trads. CIEL UK was founded and for a long time run by another woman, Nicky Hall, who was a longstanding member of the LMS Committee. At present, the LMS equivalent in Germany, Pro Missa Tridentina, is run by the formidable Monika Rheinschmitt.

It seems to me, Sceptical Believer, that you like to make extremely rude and damaging allegations about people without bothering to ask yourself if they are true. This doesn't seem a very Christian approach. But perhaps you know better than me.

ScepticalBeliever said...

Dr Shaw, you choose to misreprsent what I said, which was: "somehow I still think women are not quite equal to men in Traditional circles". I named no one, it was a general comment and I do not "like to make extremely rude and damaging allegations about people without bothering to ask yourself if they are true." However, that remark of yours is insu;ting to me.

Canny Lad said...

Maybe Scepticalbeliever was a wee bit 'tongue in cheek'? Get a sense of humour, Joe!

Joseph Shaw said...

Sceptical Believer, I quoted your exact words. If you think characterising an entire group of people as misogynists is less serious than making the same accusation of one or two individuals, heaven help you.

Simon Platt said...

I'm afraid Joseph Shaw is quite correct. "Sceptical believer"'s snide comments were simply scurrilous. He implied, for example, that there's something odd in LMS members assisting at ordinary form masses. Certainly he thinks it remarkable. And then he did, quite blatantly, trot out that clichéd calumny of misogyny. And he seems proud of it.

And no, it wasn't remotely funny, nor does he give any impression of humorous intent. Certainly, he seems not to care whether he causes offence.

Mind you, I trust that he has not damaged the reputation of the LMS or of any of its officers, past or present, because his comments were clearly ill judged and unsupported. They were certainly neither fair-minded nor credible, and reflect very badly on himself.

Yours pompously, etc.

ScepticalBeliever said...

Simon Platt is quite correct in signing himself 'Yours pompously'.

ScepticalBeliever said...

Mr Shaw, would you like to define what you consider to be "Traditional circles"? Is there one "entire group of people" you could name to represent them all? There are quite a few extremists out there - or hadn’t you noticed?
Yes, you quoted my exact words but choose to interpret them as you wished to. My words said "not quite equal to men", not "suppressed or scorned" although there are certainly many examples showing how women are regarded as inferior by many (not all!) traditionalists.
And, yes, perhaps a sense of humour might make your life easier.
I feel saddened that Simon Pratt also is apparently incapable of reading what others have written without making any attempt to understand -or, rather worse, to concoct something which bears absolutely no resemblence to the facts.

Simon Platt said...

Dear "Sceptical Believer",

Please withdraw. For your own sake if nothing else. You've made a fool of yourself. And now you're only making it worse. Of course I have no idea who you are. But others might.

ScepticalBeliever said...

What on earth are you on about, Mr Platt?
I don't know you either but I can tell you that I have been active in the traditional movement for 32 years.

Anonymous said...

How exciting! Almost the level of vitriol one finds on Rorate Caeli or NLM.

ScepticalBeliever said...

It is extremely unlikely that neither Joseph Shaw, Simon Platt or myself would ever wish to meet for a social drink and chat; well, I certainly wouldn't! I shall therefore make no further contribution to this thread (sorry to disapoint you, Anonymous!)except to say that my remarks about LMS members attending NO Masses was nothing other than fact: in way could my remark be construed as implying there was something odd in them doing so. I find it sad that Mr Pratt should make such an effort to read something that was not said.