Thursday, February 18, 2010

Former assistant bishop of Newcastle becomes a Catholic

I read last night on Damian Thompson`s blog about bishop Paul Richardson, the former assistant bishop of the Anglican diocese of Newcastle, being received into the Catholic Church at Durham university Catholic chaplaincy last month. (The Telegraph also has the story.) I came across him in 2007 at the induction of the new vicar of Killingworth back in September 2007 and blogged about how impressed I was by his sermon on St Gregory the Great. I`m only sorry to read that he no longer lives in the North  East but in London. Damian also reports that Paul Richardson has said he is not looking to be part of the ordinariate which is a shame given the provision for former Anglican bishops to maintain their episcopal insignia which is one of the more intriguing parts of the provision.

Congratulations to the former bishop!


Anonymous said...

What wonderul news, father! I have, in the past, heard Paul Richardson speak excellently on St Augustine (also at the induction of an anglican minister). If memory serves me correct, didn't he give a talk at St Mary's Cathederal on Card.Ratzinger/BXVI shortly after the papal election? He's an extremley learned speaker and a joy to listen too.
It's great to read that he isn't totally ruling out ordination in the future. I suppose that could go to show that he isn't just in it 'for the hat'!

Welcome home indeed, Paul Richardson!


Sixupman said...

Whilst kicking my heels waiting to attend an TLM at The Station Hotel, I witnessed an High Service (Mass) in Newcastle Cathedral and was impressed. I opined if only the average NOM Mass was conducted with such decorum, more might have accepted it! He is most welcome.

Antonio said...

Deo Gratias!