Saturday, February 27, 2010

Big Surprise?

Rorate Caeli reports a rumour seen on a Spanish blog that the Holy Father will, during Holy Week,  unveil a surprise which will be for the good of the whole Church. It is speculated that it could be the withdrawal of the indult for Holy Communion in the hand or that the Pope will celebrate the Mass that day in the Extraordinary Form. The day suggested for this is Maundy Thursday.

I`m slightly worried because Maundy Thursday is April 1st! Let`s hope the announcement is made in the afternoon.


Unknown said...

April 1st, eh? Hmm.

Rowan Williams applies to join the Ordinariate!

Stop Press: Rowan Williams rejected!


albert cooper said...

I hope this is true,stopping the abuse of the Blessed Sacrament.
But still a long way to go here in Norwich,St Johns Cathedral

Em said...

I have a feeling it might be to do with ordination of married men... where there is a shortage of suitable candidates etcetc they may be considered for the priesthood.
He will not withdraw the indult for Holy Communion in the hand because it is too widespread (especially in Europe)and would cause mayhem (much more mayhem than married priests).
I doubt he will celebrate in the extraordinary form either - not without a prior announcement to that effect.
Nope, I go with the married priests theory.

Dominic Mary said...

I don' think I'd worry about the timing, Father : I don't think that the Vatican City keeps All Fools - it's certainly not in the Martyrology, or either the old or the new Kalendars !

My guess is the withdrawal of the Indult : precisely because it would make a lot of people think very hard, and very fast, about their attitude to the Blessed Sacrament. Celebrating that day in the Extraordinary Form would probably not attract much attention simply because it's such a special day, anyway, that it wouldn't be seen as tremendously meaningful.

If HH wanted to do that, I'd suggest Papal High Mass in the EF at the Papal Altar in S. Peter's on Easter morning . . . now THAT would be making a point !

1569 Rising said...

I don't think the banning of Communion in the hand would solve anything, apart from causing mayhem in the pews. The practice is now too ingrained in the parishes. Better for each church to make it easier for traditionalists to receive Communion kneeling and on the tongue. All it would take would be for a couple of kneelers to be placed at the front of church where the altar rails used to be.

That way, the practice of kneeling would spread, especially if priests made it clear that kneeling was the preferred method.

This may seem like heresy to my traditionalist friends, but we should not try to impose on our fellow parishioners our own preferred practices. I know they did that to us, but surely we are much more magnanimous.

Thomas More said...

Maybe the Pope will stand up for Vatican II, abrogate the Novus Ordo, and mandate that Mass should be celebrated according to the Missal of 1965 - which incorporated all the decrees of Sacrosanctum Concilium.

Ronan said...

Was any announcement made then?

Fr Michael Brown said...

No, nothing. Not even an April`s Fool!