Thursday, February 04, 2010

British government retreats after Pope's critique of Equality Bill :: Catholic News Agency (CNA)

British government retreats after Pope's critique of Equality Bill :: Catholic News Agency (CNA)

For a useful look at the issues see this article by Br Lawrence Lew OP.

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1569 Rising said...


The CNA report is, of course, interesting, and it would have been even better had it been accurate, but we can excuse this American news service for not understanding the finer points of parliamentary procedure.

The fact is that the Government decided not to persevere with the Harman clause which was defeated in the Lords simply because they did not have time. To have restored their clause would have involved a debate and vote in the Commons, then a further debate and vote in the Lords,with the obvious threat of a further defeat there. This would actually have threatened the whole Equality Bill, which the Government is determined to push through before the election, only 6 parliamentary weeks away.

The Government decided not to proceed with the clause before the Pope spoke to the E&W Bishops, but it does, of course, suit the Government to try to "blame" the Pope for the failure of their own divisive, destructive and deeply anti-Catholic legislation.

I almost crashed the car today coming from Mass at St Mary's. I happened to listen to a discussion on Radio 4 on the Week in Westminster programme between the Catholic Conservative MP, Edward Leigh, (Gainsborough maj. 8003) and Dr Evan Harris, Liberal Democrat MP for Oxford West and Abingdon (maj. 5525) about the allegations of "Papal interference" in the affairs of the UK. Harris made some extremely inflammatory statements about the Pope, displaying all the signs of anti-Catholic bigotry.

I did some research on Harris, and came up with the following..

Hon Assoc of the National Secular Society,Vice President of the British Humanist Association, Patron of the Oxford Secular Society, President of the LibDem Campaign for Gay & Lesbian Rights, Vice President of the Gay & Lesbian Humanist Association, named "Secularist of the Year,2009" by the National Secular Society for his campaign to abolish the Law on Blasphemous Libel.

He campaigns on Pro Choice, Euthanasia, Animal experimentation and the phasing out of faith schools and the ending of acts of worship in state schools.

He now joins the gallery of shame along with Martin Salter MP and the allegedly Catholic Stephen Hughes, MEP. More to come.

Incidentally, Edward leigh has a Catholic blog - worth a look,