Saturday, February 27, 2010

North East Catholic History Society

I`ve remembered to give a little more notice for the next meeting this time. The next talk will be on Wednesday 3rd March at 2pm at St Andrew`s, Worswick Street, Newcastle. The talk was meant to be given by Mr George Thornton on the topic of St Robert of Newminster and the Early Cistercians. However Mr Thornton has had to withdraw this time for personal reasons and we are fortunate that Dr Leo Gooch can step in to give a talk on Lord Lumley (1537-1609) who is the subject of his latest book.


Alan G Henderson said...

Mr Thornton's talk sounded quite fascinating, Father. Should it be slotted in at a later date I would consider it worthwhile to make the journey down from snowy Edinburgh specially.

Fr Michael Brown said...

Alan, George may give his talk at another time. You can keep up to date with the Society`s programme here:
( Although it isn`t up to date on this change!)

Ridjer said...

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