Sunday, July 29, 2007

What`s next?

Now that Summorum Pontificum has finally come out some people may be feeling nostalgic for all that waiting and the endless rumours that it was coming out next week or next month. If life seems dull without out all that speculation it seems that there is help at hand. Fr Zuhlsdorf has a post today about the Pope intending to celebrate the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite in public on the First Sunday of Advent. While this will be a fantastic boost for the use of the EF and will help those Catholics who up to now have felt nervous about getting involved with the Latin Mass movement out of loyalty to the papacy (as they like to say they celebrate the Mass the Pope says and if the OF is good enough for him why should we look for anything else) , I have a feeling that this could become the replacement for Motu Mania as dates start coming out for when the Pope intends to celebrate the EF in public.

However I hope it is true and that it is the first Sunday of Advent. I must look at my diary and see if I can get to Rome that Sunday although I imagine one would have to find a way of getting a ticket for admission to the Mass. I think if I got to it I would be completely overcome with emotion for the whole Mass. Failing an Easyjet ticket, I may have to consider getting EWTN installed so as to be able to watch. I await developments with interest!

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