Thursday, July 05, 2007


This Saturday I will be going to say Mass on Holy Island (Lindisfarne). St Aidan`s, Benton, which is one of my parishes, is celebrating its centenary this year and this trip is part of the celebrations. We`ll get a chance to see the alterations made by the bishop to the Catholic church on the island. It was certainly in need of refurbishment. Mass is at 2pm, so I`ll just get finished there and have to drive back for the vigil Mass in St Mary`s. Lindisfarne was the cradle of Christianity in this region and the home of many saints. My favourite of the Northumbrian saints, St Wilfrid, started his monastic life there.
I hope to get time to get a glimpse of the Motu Proprio at sometime in the day when I can get near a computer.

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Anonymous said...

How wonderful, I hope it goes well for you. I've never visited Lindisfarne, but it is on my list! Have a great day.