Sunday, July 08, 2007

Abortion: Cardinal throws down gauntlet to PM

My attention has been drawn to this article from the Scotsman. Cardinal O`Brien continues to speak out.


WhiteStoneNameSeeker said...

I had my doubts about Cardinal O'Brien when he got his red hat-but he is proving a strong leader on this issue. It's a brave thing to do because although I think the majority mood is turning against abortion, it is still apathetic compared to those who want the slaughter to continue unabated.
The Scotsman is as anti-Catholic as the Guardian. He really is speaking to the dark side.
God bless him.
God bless you too father.

Anonymous said...

I suppose the Christian religionists need to get as shrill as the Islamic, Hindu, Sikh and ……………… (fill in your own) religionists do in order to try and bolster up their increasingly defunct position. The mention of “massacre” coming from an official of a religion that has sanctioned the murder and torture of many, many thousands is a measure of how corrupt the man is.