Friday, July 06, 2007


Elsewhere on the internet there is what purports to be a leaked copy of the new Motu Proprio, Summorum Pontificum. ( I wonder how we`ll cope with that as a term of reference. For exmaple there are numerous Ecclesia Dei societies around the world. Summorum Pontificum doesn`t roll off the tongue in quite the same way.) One of the commentators on the leak speaks of semi-private Masses. Are we moving towards a hitherto unknown category of celebration of the Mass, a semi-private Mass? Oh well we`ll know by tomorrow. By a happy co-incidence I am the celebrant of the Tridentine Mass on Sunday at my old parish of St Joseph`s Gateshead. I`m hoping that we will manage to have a sung Te Deum after Mass. It would be ridiculous not to mark the publication of the Motu Proprio in some way. I hope we`ll have some pictures of the Mass and the faithful celebrating, or at least smiling, to put on the blog.


Anonymous said...

The embargo is due to be lifted at 1300 hrs BST, so you might be in luck if there's an internet cafe on Holy Island!

I'm glad you're restraining yourself from looking at the copy a certain American blogger has posted. Knowing his 'standards' of 'reporting', he's probably got an out-of-date draft anyway.

I've been waiting for this document - or something like it - for the ten years I've been a Catholic. You've been waiting longer I know. It's worth waiting another 22 hours to see it in black and white on the Vatican website! (Though it's more sort of black & beige, isn't it?)

God bless.

Anonymous said...

Glad you'll be back at St Joseph's on Sunday, Father. That is surely providential. I do hope you get to sing the Te Deum. I shall play it on the organ on Sunday after our (Novus Ordo - but well within the bounds of the acceptable) Mass - and shall make sure that people known why!

"God bless our pope, the great the good" (We had that last weekend!)