Sunday, July 01, 2007


From reading the blogosphere I see that next Saturday is the expected date for the Motu Proprio on the Mass. While on my tour of California I met two charming ladies from North Carolina, BeBe and De, who are Charismatic Evangelicals. They told me that their pastor has organised a rally for that date, which they expect 400,000 people to attend, as he is convinced that it will be a significant date and the beginning of a great Christian revival. I can`t really remember if anything dreadful happened on 06.06.06 but I was able to let them know, after a text from a friend, that 07.07.07 might well be a turning point for the Catholic Church too. Oremus.


Dharmaparma said...

Plus its my birthday :) maybe not quite as significant as a faith revival but it makes me happy
Sam (Alnwick)

Fr Michael Brown said...

Skelly (or Sam of Alnwick) I hope your birthday goes well. If the MP comes out on 7th July then I will be celebrating that date every year too. We have Mass at 10 on Saturday morning so I hope the news is out by then so we can have a party here too.