Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Clergy Retreat

News from Fr de Malleray today regarding the retreat he will be giving on the theme of `Priestly meditations on the prayers of the EF Roman Missal`. So far there are fourteen booked on the retreat including Fr de Malleray and there are still a dozen single rooms available at the Cold Ash pastoral centre for priests who might like to come. Although the retreat is centred on the prayers of the EF missal priests can say their daily Mass in either the EF or OF of the Roman missal. The publication of Universae Ecclesiae makes this retreat all the more appropriate. For priests travelling a long distance it is possible to spend the Sunday night at the FSSP`s St John Fisher house at Reading if you let Fr De Malleray know. As the retreat will be silent and, as happened to me at the retreat at Douai, priests meet other priests they may not have seen in decades, then there is the option of a pre-retreat lunch at 12 noon at the Spotted Dog in Cold Ash on Monday 4th July to allow a chance to talk before the retreat begins.

Cold Ash is six minutes drive from Bucklebury, where it is possible to visit the beautiful church of St Mary the Virgin and maybe say a prayer for the Duchess of Cambridge in her home village.

All the information about the retreat can be found here.

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