Tuesday, June 07, 2011

A chaplain abroad - Fr Bede Rowe

Fr Bede Rowe is from Gateshead (Heworth to be precise if my memory serves me well). Sad to say circumstances led to him becoming a priest of Clifton diocese rather than Hexham and Newcastle and so H & N`s loss was Clifton`s gain. Fr Rowe writes useful books. His most recent is a guide to the Old Testament but he has also produced books which provide a guide to Mass and Confession and a book on Synodality. Like me he is a regional chaplain for the LMS. However he is just about to take up a new appointment as chaplain to Chavagnes International College, a Catholic boarding school for boys which was the subject of a TV programme a while back (I can`t remember which channel it appeared on.)

Fr Rowe has started a blog and I`ve added it to my blog roll. I look forward to hearing about life at Chavagnes and wish him every success in his new appointment.


Dorothy B said...

Fr Rowe was for a while the assistant priest at St Gregory the Great in Cheltenham. My son was very much impressed with a homily in which Fr Rowe informed the congregation: "If you believe X, you're a heretic; if you believe Y, you're a heretic", and so on; all delivered in the most friendly and cheerful manner. He was great fun, and will be a loss to the diocese.

1569 Rising said...

Murmurings are very similar to nods, winks and implications without really saying anything which would get anyone into trouble with M'Learned Friends.

I don't really want to know why Fr Rowe had to go to the West Country to be ordained, but the posting has whetted my appetite.

Tell me to mind my own business - I won't be offended. Honestly!