Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Washing machine or the pill?

The Vatican newspaper, L`Osservatore Romano, carried a piece for International Women`s Day which claimed that the washing machine has done more to liberate women than the pill. An interesting point? I was at a conversation a few days ago where a number of women were recalling how for their mothers wash day did take all day, so it may be true. Here`s the story on Independent Catholic News.


Anonymous said...

No competition: The washing machine definitely takes precedent.
The pill has done nothing for women but cause problems. IE: Breakdown of relationships, immorality, loss and lack of respect from the opposite sex.
I listened to a play on radio 4 the other day where a couple had a child which was then frozen in time as the couple were not yet ready to give up their present lifestyle in order to bring up the child. The doctor advised them to wait until they had holidayed in the many places they wished to visit as well as accumulate a lot of money, then if they wished in perhaps 10 years time to have the child brought to life so be it, if they decided they really didn't want a child after all it would be taken out of the freezer and left to deteriorate. Sounds ludicrous doesn't it, but then so did IVF Abortion etc many years ago how long before this happens.

gemoftheocean said...

Agree, the pill makes MEN more demanding, because they assume that sex has no consequences.

Let's not forget the dryer either. God's gift to women.

Anonymous said...

I assume the article was meant to be humorous.

But it also reports the Pope's commitment 'to ensure that always and everywhere women can ... make full use of their capacities.'

How many women are there in senior positions in the Vatican?

Anonymous said...

Continuing the theme of the liberation of women, an old parish priest of mine, the renowned Fr Malachy Mulligan, expressed from the pulpit one Sunday evening Benediction that the news that the Vale of Derwent Social Club were to admit women (this was in the 1950's)into the premises spelled the destruction of family life and the victory of Satan over the Christian heritage of the country. I make no comment !