Sunday, March 15, 2009

`Can we go to the Masses at Ushaw during the training conference?`

This is a question I am asked quite a lot whenever the conference is mentioned. The answer is yes. I am grateful to Jane Teresa for drawing attention to this information which I hadn`t noticed.

Monday 20 April to Thursday 23 April

The following services will take place in St Cuthbert’s Chapel at Ushaw College and
will be open to the public:

Mon 20 April
11.00am Solemn Votive Mass of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Cum Jubilo)

5.30pm Vespers of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Tues 21 April

8.00am Lauds

11.15am Missa Cantata for the Feast of St Anselm (Lux et Origio)

5.30pm Rosary & Benediction

9.30pm Compline

Wed 22 April
8.00am Lauds

11.15am Missa Cantata for the Feast of SS Soter & Caius (Cunctipotens
Genitor Deus)

5.30 pm First Vespers for the Feast of St George & Benediction (Solemn Form)

Thurs 23 April

8.00am Lauds

11.00am Solemn Mass for the Feast of St George (Polyphonic, Byrd)

Members of the public are asked to be in their places 5 minutes before the starting times.


Anonymous said...

Are any priests actually going to go to this now, after what has been revealed about the LMS in the past week? I wouldn't!

Fr Michael Brown said...

Apparently they are expecting 25 priests. There are two sides to what happened in the LMS.

Anonymous said...

Sacerdote probably wouldn't be going anyway, if it takes idle gossip and a little bit of slanderous tittle tattle to put him off. He will no doubt be aware that the hallowed walls of Alma Mater are merely playing host to a form of the Mass that was quite happily and joyfully celebrated there for 160 of the College's 200 years. To bowdlerise a former football song, "Plainchant's Coming Home."

Anonymous said...

Well, if there are two sides to the LMS committee's actions, they should have the courage to come out in the light of day and explain themselves to the membership at an Extraordinary General Meeting. They need to do so as they are increasingly looking like an extreme cabal loosing credibility in the sight of anyone who is reasonable. And priests can't afford to be associated with that sort of thing.

Fr Michael Brown said...

Sacerdote, I really don`t want to get drawn into this.. My only gripe against the LMS is that at times it acts too much like the London Mass Society. I agree that there is need for transparency, in so much as that is possible, and that clearly a number of people feel very aggrieved. All I know is that a majority of the committee cast a vote of no confidence in the chairman, which they are entitled to do. That doesn`t sound to me like a cabal. I understand that 200 people have asked for an EGM and I presume if there was one they would go. I wouldn`t go all the way to London for it as I don`t know what the issues are.
If people are unhappy then surely the best way to resolve this is to stand for election to the committee next time round.

Anonymous said...

Yes, 200 people have asked for an EGM. The facts are that they were canvassed for their requests even before the Committee meeting (which passed the vote of No Confidence in the Chairman) took place. They seem to have made the requests without any knowledge of why it was necessary to have an EGM! I was not one of those asked for my vote so I have assumed that only a selected bunch were contacted by those wanting a EGM.

Fr Michael Brown said...

There seem to be cabals everywhere. Surely what is most important is that priests learn how to celebrate the EF. That is more important than personality clashes.

Anonymous said...

Fr Brown, with all due respect, the committee are not entitled to vote on the competence or otherwise of the Chairman as they do not appoint him - the membership elect him.

Any question of the competence of the Chairman is a matter for the membership by means of and EGM. Why is the cabal so afraid of this? Could it be that the rank and file of the LMS find that recent events cast a slur on troglodites who cannot move beyond the days of recusncy into the light of the pontificate of Benedict XVI? Such people's stances are understandable, but they cannot govern today or the future.

The LMS Committee (someone needs to clarify exactly how many have resigned!) is a cabal if not worse: as a Charity they are a public organisation whose members are entitled to minutes, agendas, letters of resignation, etc. There is no secrecy to which they are entitled under law. All the talk about this is mere pretention! ...or paranoia! Let those who speak thus stand openly in the light of day.

Anonymous said...

People who ask for openness in others too often fail to reveal themselves; that is sad. Especially since they are most likely to be ignored!
I don't think, as a matter of accuracy, that the LMS Committee have removed the Chairman; Mr Chadwick resigned after losing a vote of 'No Confidence' and whether or not he was elected by the membership (but wasn't he elected unopposed?) it was certainly within the competence of the Committee to call that vote. Taking matters further may necessitate calling an EGM but that does not invalidate the 'No Confidence' vote. A vote of 'No Confidence' in Parliament (wherein all are elected) always leads to the Government resigning.
Charity status does impose certain conditions but methinks Sacerdote overstates them in this case.