Saturday, March 21, 2009

Times article on Westminster succession

Ruth Gledhill gives a useful summary today of the latest on the Westminster (or is that Canterbury?) succession race with a new candidate entering the field: Archbishop Paul Gallagher, nuncio in Guatemala! Even Paddy Power seems to have given up on all this.

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Unknown said...

He was tipped before but as he has not long been appointed to Guatemala I can't see it..possible though. At the minute whichever bishop was last seen in Rome becomes the new hot certainty..last week was driving journalists barmy as lots of the bishops were out for meetings.
The only mentioned names which don't seem to fit this pattern are Abp.Smith and Bp. Longley. It seems rather odd to me to name Bp.Longley merely as some sort of stab in the dark so at moment I wouldn't bet against him.