Tuesday, March 10, 2009

LMS Press release

The Latin Mass Society confirms the resignations of the Society’s Chairman, Treasurer, and Chaplain

Mr Julian Chadwick resigned as Chairman of the LMS on Monday 9 March. The Chairman’s resignation follows that of the Society’s Chaplain, Fr Antony Conlon, on 3 March, and the Society’s Treasurer, Mr John Eidinow, has subsequently also tendered his resignation.

The Committee of the Latin Mass Society passed a motion of no confidence in the Chairman on 7 March. Recent events had undermined the Committee’s belief in the Chairman’s managerial competence and discretion. It was felt that decisive action had to be taken to restore the confidence of those who work with the Latin Mass Society and those who contribute to its internal discussions.

The former Chairman and Treasurer, or their associates, have seen fit to publish parts of their resignation letters to at least one internet blog. This is unfortunately symptomatic of a recent pattern of behaviour that had come to cause grave concern to the Committee. In any Society there are bound to be differing views represented on its governing body, but it is for that body to resolve those differences in confidence and not the general public by internet debate.

The accusations made by Mr Chadwick and Mr Eidinow in their letters are either false or misleading. A lengthy discussion of the points raised in their letters is inappropriate, but the following must be emphasised:

The Committee has not sacked anybody.
The Committee recently passed a unanimous resolution confirming its obedience to the Holy See.
The Committee is completely committed to Summorum Pontificum.
Allegations of anti-clericalism are ludicrous.
The Society’s financial affairs are in good order, and are fully audited.

These and other recent attempts to damage the Society’s reputation are distressing, and distract from the excellent work that the Society has done, and will continue to do, to promote the usus antiquior.
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For further information, please contact John Medlin, General Manager, or James Murphy, LMS Office Manager, on (T) 020 7404 7284; (F) 020 7831 5585;


Anonymous said...

With the greatest respect, and with no wish to plunge your comments box into a slanging match, Father, this is not a press release from the Latin Mass Society, but from a clique within the Latin Mass Society which can no longer claim to represent the membership. For there to be any credible leadership of the Society, it is imperative that the Committee now tender its resignation en masse so that the subscription-paying members can elect a new Committee that can be trusted to carry forward the Society's work without intrigue or empire-building. There are some very good men on the Committee, but as a body it is profoundly compromised by its recent decisions.

I am posting anonymously because we have had enough ad hominem arguments in this whole row. If any committee member wants to come to this or any other forum to contest what I have written here, good luck to him.

Anonymous said...

What a mess. I,for one, did not join the LMS to become involved in political points scoring - I had enough of that in my real political life. I know nothing of the individuals concerned in this disreputable farce, all I want to do is to quietly enjoy the immense spiritual benefits I have gained since I re-discovered the traditional Mass some 5 years ago in Gateshead. Thanks to Fr Brown, my "almost" lapsing was reversed,and the discovery of new friends within the traditional community gave me tremendous joy.
Whatever machinations are taking place "on high" will not detract from my own rebirth in the Church.

Anonymous said...

The LMS has a lot of explaining to do to its members. Will they?

Anonymous said...

The LMS Statement creates more problems than it solves. Anonymous is right: this is a statement by a clique trying to regain control when it is fast loosing credibility. Their behaviour is so bad that the Charity Commission really needs to step in to protect the administration of vast assests they have build up from the pennies of the poor over the years.

Perhaps the LMS will release the resignation letter of their former Chaplain? Why has he resigned?

Have any othe Committee members resigned? If so, why?

Sorry, but we have had too much disinformation from John Medlin in the past to take his statement at face value.

bess said...

Thank you 1569 Rising,
You have expressed my thoughts exactly.
But what now? Do I cancel my sub or wait and see?

Anonymous said...

As I am given to understand the recent events a vote of 'No Confidence' in the Chairman was passed by the Committee on Saturday by a two-thirds majority. Hardly a clique! In all my many years of committee work the passing of such a Resolution would have meant the instant resignation of the Chairman. That Mr Chadwick waited two days to resign does tend to indicate to me a certain wish to cling to power.The matter of the Chairman seems to have been simmering for some time and it was about time for it to be resolved in one way or another. That has now been done in a proper manner and I suggest that critics of the LMS committee need to respect the result of the vote instead of making snide remarks. On a matter like this I have no intention of remaining anonymous and suggest that others should also be prepared to state their names.
I also take exception to the suggestion that John Medlin has previously given out misinformation. He is an honest man.

Anonymous said...

John Medlin's efforts as a spin doctor could teach Alistair Campbell a thing or two!

Whilst he is an employee of the LMS and not on the committee he us up to his neck in all of this and should consider his opinion.

Anonymous said...

I have posted two comments: the first anonymous one above, and a reply to Mr Rainbow. As the second has not yet been displayed, I would be grateful if you could delete it, Fr Brown.

Both comments were written in anger; neither makes any constructive contribution to what another poster rightly calls a disreputable farce.

I have just read Pope Benedict's eirenic letter to the bishops, and his wisdom makes me feel very foolish. I deeply regret entering into acrimonious debate at this time of heated passions and frayed tempers. I intend to keep my counsel from now on, to keep my Lenten resolution of avoiding gossip, and to keep all members and former members of the LMS especially in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

Richard, I agree with you, but I still believe some people have plunged us int6o a mess of major proportions. I am not aware, as you of course are, of the background to this debacle, so I am not able to apportion blame in any way. However, we could do without this "cat fight", the "modernists" will be chuckling all the way to the next Tablet editorial meeting. In the light of your suggestions that we drop the anonymous labels - 1569 Rising is Terry Middleton.

Anonymous said...

The LMS Chairman is elected AS SUCH by the membership, not simply appointed to the post from within the committee (as occurs in some organisations). Therefore only the members themselves in General Meeting can validly remove the Chairman from office.

If the committee lose confidence in the Chairman they can of course pass a 'no confidence' motion, the effect of which at most being that he no longer actually chairs further committee meetings. It is then the duty of the committee to put the 'no confidence' motion to a vote of the whole membership at an early General Meeting. This they appear unwilling to do, suggesting that perhaps it would be they and not the Chairman who would lose the vote.

The committee have made a number of bad decisions in the very recent past - Merton 2009 and Abp Burke being the most visible. It is very regrettable that the National Chaplain and now two Officers have resigned. We need an EGM urgently as it is too long to wait for the AGM in June.

I regret that because of other things that I know I must remain as an anonymous non-committee LMS member.

Anonymous said...

As an 'ordinary man in the pew' - and a member of the LMS, can anyone please give some explanation as to what this is all about?

Anonymous said...

As a non-member of the LMS I too am intrigued by the situation. What is really the issue?

Anonymous said...

The issues appear complex but enough Committee members (and I am not a committee member) must have felt that the Chairman should go since they felt strongly enough to put forward a motion of 'No Confidence' knowing full well that they would be criticised by many, especially those not in possession of the facts.
I do thank Ben Whitworth for his latest comments and assure him I shall include him in my prayers. However, while it is right that we should be able to express our opinions I do not think that purely subjective comments about someone, such as have been made by 'Another Member' about John Medlin, should be published. At best they are uncharitable. Especially when they are made under the cloak of anonymity!
In the words of another message poster I regret that because of other things I know I cannot remain an anonymous non-committee LMS member!

Anonymous said...

As someone who, along with two others, was unjustly and unconstitutionally expelled from the LMS committee I have a somewhat jaundiced view of the organisation.

I feel that the wider interests of Catholic Tradition have been neglected for many years by certain individuals on the committee. Mr Chadwick once allied himself with these elements and now he has himself fallen victim to their petty and uncharitable behaviour.

No doubt the clique will summon all kinds of high-minded arguments to support its actions, but I am willing to bet that the real issue is a mere clash of personalities.

Anonymous said...

A clash o0f personalities happens in all organisations. One snag, one would expect something different in a Catholic set-up. Of course I am being ironical, if not cynical.

Its like cats fighting in a sack over a mouse. We, trads in the pews will have to carry on as if nothing is happening, and really nothing of significance is happening in the light of Summorum Pontificum. We have got what we have been praying for, so let's enjoy the present and support our priests who have been doing sterling work for many years at great personal cost to themselves. Leave the politicking to the politicians.