Wednesday, November 05, 2008

SSPX at Lourdes: statistics

For those who may be interested in numbers I found this on the Angelqueen site:

The SSPX brought 18,000 pilgrims, from France and all over the world, 163 religious, 275 priests and seminarians, and the four SSPX bishops. Of great significance for the future was the behaviour of the authorities at Lourdes. The Bishop of Lourdes, Mgr Perrier, placed all the infrastructures of the Sanctuary at the disposition of the SSPX, with the proviso that none of their masses would be celebrated by the four bishops.
It certainly looked as if there were a lot of them. I thought it was good for my fellow diocesan clergy who may think interest in the EF is limited to a small and elderly group to witness the strength and youth of this movement at least in France.

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