Tuesday, November 04, 2008


The EF Mass on the first Sunday of the month continues at Longbenton and I am glad to say that so far it has always been a sung Mass. After this last Mass I was delighted when a parishioner who, I think she won`t mind me saying, has no special interest in Latin and may not have sought out a Latin Mass if it hadn`t been said by the parish priest told me:

`I didn't want the Mass to end tonight as I felt so at peace and I find it so much easier to converse with God without all the distractions of the ordinary daily Mass`

I don`t think I have been very effective in conveying my enthusiasm for the EF to my parishes. I think many think it is all about Latin whereas, as the above comment shows, it is about having time to pray and find room for inner participation as well as external. I wish a few more would approach it with an open mind. I have to say of those who do attend from the parish it tends to be the younger parishioners, who don`t have the historical baggage, who come.

Another bonus on Sunday night was that I finally got to meet Madame Evangelista! You can read her impressions here (where she is very generous about my sermon).

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madame evangelista said...

I did enjoy the sermon very much. Unfortunately I got distracted on my blog-entry with Lourdes and forgot to mention the thing that struck me most, which was your comments about finding a deep joy in Christian life. And I did feel that it was, somehow, a joyful Mass.