Sunday, May 15, 2011

Today in Rome

I found this most moving. Thanks to John Sonnen for providing it. It made me wonder why I wasn`t there. I recognised a few in the procession. There is Fr Stephen Dunn who I met at the LMS Ushaw training weeks. He has been in the news recently and is certainly an impressive and courageous priest. I see Julian Chadwick (not Matthew Festing!) ex-LMS chairman and member of the Order of Malta too. Also I recognise Fr Mark Withoos of the Ecclesia Dei Commission who lived for a number of years in this diocese while studying at Durham university.

I would have loved to have been at this very significant event. You may recall that the last time there was a Pontifical EF Mass in the Blessed Sacrament chapel in St Peter`s which those who have seen it will know is almost completely invisible from the nave. Thus it is progress to be at the altar of the chair. How sad that the original altar was destroyed a number of years back in the interest of liturgical renewal but I suppose it means that St Peter`s basilica is in the same boat many of us find ourselves, using a free-standing altar designed for Mass facing the people!

However last year I went to Rome three times, all work-related events and so I decided to stay away from Rome for a while and see somewhere else. If there is a Mass in St Peter`s again then I hope to be there. Let`s hope by then it may be considered appropriate for Mass to be celebrated coram Summo Pontifice.Link


David O'Neill said...

I too recall Fr Dunn & could imagine him standing up against ANYONE who tried to prevent him doing what was right by his lights. I believe he was educated by the Benedictines at Fort Augustus.
Looking at the short excerpt from today's ceremonial one has to wonder how any of us put up with what is, in too many cases, a banal celebration of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. How can we not honour our Lord & God with what in so many cases is a priest centred celebration of Our Saviour's death on the cross.
How wonderful to see so many clergy in attendance including 3 cardinals!
Are our bishops watching & taking note?

1569 Rising said...

David, the simple answer to your final question is NO and NO.