Monday, May 23, 2011

Fr McCarthy`s first Mass

Photos courtesy of Leo Darroch of the first Mass of Fr McCarthy of the FSSP. Leo writes:

Fr McCarthy's first Mass.......was celebrated at the Carmel, Valparaiso, about half an hour drive from Denton. This beautiful Carmel was founded only a few years ago and is full. They have had to open another Carmel because of increasing numbers. The nuns are served by the priests of the FSSP and both sides are very happy with the arrangement. The altar was salvaged from a hospital chapel that was to be demolished

Finally a number plate seen in the car park at the Carmel!

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Bored at work said...

I'm sure it was a lovely Mass.
i wonder if you could get yourself a similar registration plate here?
IN 10 EUM might pass for 'in unum Deum'. 1 = unum. O = D.

CRE 00 for CREDO


Why not, Father?