Saturday, May 21, 2011

Continuing the seminary theme...

Tonight I was sent some photos by Una Voce chairman Leo Darroch. He is at the FSSP ordinations at Denton, Nebraska. One of the two ordained is the Rev Matthew McCarthy who comes from Wigan. Congratulations to Fr McCarthy and to his fellow new priest Fr Pelster from Oregon. Ad multos annos!

It all looks rather different from the sad state of things at dear old Ushaw. It was a shame that Universae Ecclesiae was not more prescriptive on teaching the Extraordinary Form in all seminaries and that archbishop Nichols was rather dismissive of the idea that it should happen but then the same paragraph does say that bishops are strongly requested (enixe rogantur) to offer all clerics the chance to learn the Extraordinary Form ( n.21) so I look forward to hearing how this provision will be met!

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