Friday, May 14, 2010

Rosary for the Bishop

I have been sent information about this initiative today. It looks very good. There is a blog for more information here. I already have my five decades allocated at the minute. Just now I have the first for the FSSP (as a member of the Confraternity), second for Pope Benedict, third for victims of abuse and renewal of the Church (I could include the bishop here), fourth for the sick of the parish and fifth for my family. I have for a long time said a prayer for the bishop on passing Bishop`s House (which I do quite a lot).
You can sign up for a reminder to be emailed to you it seems. The Catholic Herald featured this campaign in February.
UPDATE: I have now signed up and see it doesn`t need to be a daily commitment.


Richard S Rainbow said...

Can you pick a bishop of your choice or do you have to do it for your own bishop?

Fr Michael Brown said...

You can pick any diocesan bishop, in communion with the Holy See, you like.