Thursday, May 06, 2010

May at St Mary of the Rosary

While the cherry blossom is out I thought I would take some pictures of the parish garden. A couple of years ago we had a May procession with the children from our primary school. I hope we will do this again although we don`t really have much useful space to walk in. In the meantime I am reading one of Cardinal Newman`s meditations for May every day at the OF Mass to kill two birds with one stone: to celebrate the Mother of God and also to let people hear something from Newman as we prepare for his beatification.

Here`s the garden:

Here`s a view of the front of the church. Whenever I look at it I think it would be so easy to `baroque it` if we had the money and the enthusiasm!

UPDATE: Thanks to Pat who has sent this alteration with the help of Photoshop!


David O'Neill said...

I'm sure enthusiasm isn't lacking but maybe the financial wherewithal might be

Fr Michael Brown said...

I did mention money. I don`t think there is any enthusiasm as I`ve never mentioned it before but I think if I did there would be little interest.

Anonymous said...


It's such a shame that St Mary's was re-ordered in the way that it was. I have no idea what the 'powers that be' could have been thinking to put the Sanctuary where it is now. I imagine you must find it difficult (and frustrating) to do anything with it as it is now. You do fantastic work, despite this! Fantastic to see the coverage of the Ushaw TLM course in the Northern Cross. No doubt a few eyebrows will be raised (not to mention a few J&M grey clerical shirts ruffled!)


David O'Neill said...

I wonder how many noticed you 'peeping' out of the front window of the church? As you mentioned this morning, the car park has been replaced by your 'new' presbytery

Anonymous said...

Lovely photos, Father! I hope you will get your baroque church - and presbytery- one day.

Em said...

Or what about this for an alternative

Sorry no good at photoshopping!