Sunday, May 02, 2010

Back to Ushaw

Tomorrow I am going to Ushaw for Grand Week. Well it used to be a week but now is essentially two nights with a full day on Monday. Grand Week is a reunion for Ushaw alumni. I`m going for the Mass and lunch. I`ve never been before but have been invited by a committee member of the St Cuthbert`s Society. I`ve never felt any enthusiasm for going before as I don`t have particularly warm memories of my time there as a student in the 80`s. Maybe that`s why I bang on so much about the LMS training conference as I find it such a cathartic experience. So I`m curious to see what it will be like tomorrow.

It was good to see Fr de Malleray again at Ushaw last month. Seeing him reminded me that I never got round to saying anything about the consecration of the new chapel of the FSSP seminary at Denton, Nebraska. While Ushaw is a pale shadow of its former self and struggling to survive here was a completely new seminary chapel being opened in a building with capacity for 100 seminarians. Fr de Malleray told us that the original FSSP seminary at Wigratzbad in Bavaria is building an extension so that it too may house 100 seminarians. What is sad about this is that the FSSP and the IBP have been turned down when they have tried to buy existing redundant seminaries and so the FSSP have had to start from scratch. Here is an extract from the consecration of the Denton seminary. The whole video lasts longer than two hours but an 8 minute extract may be more digestible.

There are a number of places I would like to visit. One is the basilica of Our Lady of Peace in the Ivory Coast, which being bigger than St Peter`s in Rome is the largest church in the world.

I think my chances of getting there are fairly slim but I may give a cheer to the Ivory Coast in the World Cup on its account. ( They also have employed Sven Goran Eriksson as their manager which gives them an interest from an English angle.) However the Denton seminary is now on my list as well and I hope one day to see it.

PS Why does it seem to be impossible to insert video in the new editor on Blogger? I find the spell-checker on the old editor useful too. It is also beyond my technical knowledge to reduce the size of the video to fit the page.


FatherTF said...

Dear Father, you need to go to the html editor tab and look at the code for the video. There you will see the following: width="576" height="462" (it comes up twice). You need to change these numbers. For your blog, 425 is the right width for a video. So open the calculator and type in 425/576. That gives you .74 (rounded). Multiply that by 462 and you get 341 (rounded). So you replace the width and height numbers as follows: width="425" height="341" in both places.

Then your video fits nicely on the blog.

Sometimes Youtube offers a choice of 425 as the width for embedding and that saves a bit of trouble.

Interesting about the Church on the Ivory Coast.

Fr Michael Brown said...

Fr Finigan, many thanks for your help: it did the trick!