Tuesday, May 25, 2010

On using the new translation

I`m on the diocesan clergy retreat at Ushaw this week so this is just a quick post. Some priest bloggers have discussed recently using the new translation of the OF Mass before the official launch date. I thought readers might be interested to know that Mass at the retreat today was celebrated by our bishop and priests using the new texts. Everyone dutifully replied `And with your spirit`. No-one died and no horses appeared to be frightened. My impression was that it seemed a bit more wordy but it was a huge improvement on what we have had. I expect we`ll be using the new translation the rest of the week.

UPDATE: 26.05.10 Apparently it was just a one off. Today we returned to the old new Mass.


The Welkin said...

I concur. I think that the new translation will be well accepted by the folks provided the priest is clearly in favour. Forty years ago that is what happened: there were two changes in the text within a couple of years, and we all went along with it. And still do.

Gregory the Eremite said...

"No-one died and no horses appeared to be frightened." Love it!

But were any felt banners damaged?

Fr Ronan Kilgannon said...

One immediate blessing is that the new texts will be prayed more slowly. Priests became so familiar with the older ICEL texts that they raced their way even through the Consecration. Sometimes as a concelebrant I found it difficult to keep up.