Friday, April 23, 2010

New Deputy Director of the CES

Sorry but I don`t understand this one at all. Here`s the background.


1569 Rising said...

Father, This is an outrage, and proves, beyond measure, that there is something deeply unpleasant at the very top of the Church in England and Wales.

I have been trying for the last 3 days to find out where the position was advertised, and how many applicants applied, and how the short listing was done. To no avail.

Close followers of politics have known about Mr Pope's voting record for ages. He has consistently put the wishes of the Labour whips above his own duty as a Catholic Member of Parliament.

I realise there is nothing we can do about this appalling appointment - since when did the opinion of the laity count for anything. It would be useful to discover how the CES is financed; we could start by boycotting any collection for the CES, and then any collection for the purposes of the Bishops' Conference.

I realise these measures would seem to be ineffectual in the great scheme of things, but what else can we do? We cannot do nothing.
Terry Middleton

Dunce said...

I had to smile when you said you could not 'understand' this appointment to the Catholic EDUCATION Service. Can anyone understand anything that this EDUCATION service does?

Latin Mass contact said...

I am having difficulty getting my head around this one. Who was on the interview panel for this appointment?
The enemy is within.

Unknown said...

What's not to understand, Father? The mask's coming off,that's all!