Friday, April 30, 2010

Moving an archbishop sideways

The Southwark priestly bloggers report that they have a new archbishop, Peter Smith, the archbishop of Cardiff.  For a thoughtful assessment of the appointment see, as always, Fr Blake. I had said I couldn`t think of another such appointment but of course as anonymous has pointed out in the com box there was archbishop Nichols., I suppose this didn`t register as that was a promotion given that he will eventually become a cardinal in the normal run of things.


Anonymous said...

It happens of course when they move to Westminister like +Vincent but otherwise I can't think of another example.

David O'Neill said...

They'll need to reset the smoke alarms fairly frequently as Archbp Smith smokes like a chimney. Rumour has it that he lights up between puffs of his cigs.
I'd bet this appointment has upset Bishop Malcolm McMahon who was reputedly hoping for a move back to London
David O'Neill.

1569 Rising said...

What a wonderful appointment! Smokers of the world unite - we have nothing to lose but our Rothmans.

Was this appointment a result of wheeling and dealing in smoke-filled rooms?