Sunday, September 14, 2008

Pope Benedict speaks again about Summorum Pontificum

Today at a meeting with the French episcopate at Lourdes Pope Benedict said, with regard to Summorum Pontificum, the following:

Some fruits of these new provisions have already manifested, and I hope that the indispensable pacification of spirits is, by the grace of God, coming about. I appreciate the difficulties that you encounter, but I have no doubt that you can achieve within a reasonable time satisfactory solutions for all, so that the seamless robe of Christ does not tear further. No one is too many in the Church. Everyone, without exception, must be able to feel at home, and never (must he feel) rejected.
Thanks to the NLM for this.
There is also an article by John Allen of the American National Catholic Reporter about this.
Given that the Holy Father is speaking to an audience that have not been renowned for tolerance for the EF then it is good to see him making this point.
John Allen remarks: Most French observers heard in those words a clear expectation from the pope that the bishops will not erect new obstacles to celebration of the old Mass.

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PeterHWright said...

I had already seen the quote from the Pope's speech posted at NLM, but wasn't aware of John Allen's article until Father posted a link to it. A rather well balanced article, I thought. Thank you, Father, for the link.

"I am confident that you can achieve within a reasonable time satisfactory solutions for all."

This sounds much more like Pope Benedict, gently but firmly pushing forward his reform. I wondered how the Pope would address the French situation. The French for all sorts of reasons are intolerant of each other.

I think the Pope's words send the right message. I just wonder how the French bishops will react (if at all !)