Saturday, September 06, 2008

Newcastle Woe

I`ve not said anything yet about the events that have engulfed the city with the departure of Kevin Keegan but I was pleased to see that the chairman of our parish council at SS Peter and Paul`s, Longbenton has another string to his bow as chairman of the Independent Newcastle United Supporters Club. As such Frank has been widely quoted in the press.

I`ve not been to a home game for over ten years but still take an interest and felt the general gloom that descended with the news this week. Maybe I should just concentrate on supporting Gateshead FC: their home ground I could see from the steps of my last presbytery and they seem to be doing ok in the Blue Square North League!
It looks like the emotional rollercoaster may continue if the sixth richest man, in the world, Anil Ambani, is really serious about buying NUFC.
In the meantime what is really now bothering people here is the dreadful weather!
I see the odds for the next permanent manager of Newcastle United being Kevin Keegan are only 7-2! I wonder what the odds would be for him being the next bishop of Hexham and Newcastle?

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Anonymous said...

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