Wednesday, June 04, 2008


Sorry about the recent lack of posting. I can`t think of very much to say. Recent highlights included a May procession at both Longbenton and Forest Hall which involved both schools. The Longbenton procession was particularly good as we walked out of the school and through the local estate and by the main road into the church. The school had made four large banners and last year`s first Holy Communion girls wore their white dresses and the children entered into it very well singing the Lourdes hymn and Bring Flowers of the Rarest as well as others.

Both processions ended with a simple Benediction to introduce the children to it. At Forest Hall we were hampered by having to cross the main road to get the children from school and so they simply came to church and we went out into the garden to say prayers at the Lourdes grotto. Maybe next year when Corpus Christi is a bit later and not in May we can also have a Corpus Christi procession. I have found a canopy at Longbenton and all it needs is to buy four poles to use it.

Apart from that I follow with great interest recent attempts to put obstacles in the way of Summorum Pontificum, which continue with extraordinary attention to detail. I wonder what is delaying the promised instruction? I look forward to hearing what Cardinal Castrillon Hoyos has to say at Westminster cathedral but wonder whether his words will carry this far north?

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It's nice to see a posting and see that the blog is still alive and kicking. Glad you had a sunny day for the procession.