Friday, June 20, 2008

Book Launch at Trinity and All Saints

I received this information when I was away.

'Worship as a Revelation', an important new book on the Catholic Liturgy by Laurence Paul Hemming

The past, present and future of Catholic liturgy by Laurence Paul Hemming (Continuum Books/Burns & Oates)

Monday 23 June

Solemn Mass in the Chapel at 7.30 pm followed by a reception in the Conference Suite

Wine and light buffet

This event is by invitation only but anyone interested in going can contact Ben Whitworth to request an invitation.

I`m glad to see a significant liturgical event happening in the Northern Province (even if Leeds is somewhere in the south as regards Newcastle). I have heard it said that the majority of Catholics in England live in the north. However all the interesting events seem to happen in London and the south so this is a welcome change. I hope it goes well.

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Latin Mass contact said...

Slight correction: All welcome to the Mass and reception, but for catering purposes please let Ben Whitworth know if you intend to stay for the reception.