Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Motu pictures

There have been many pictures in the last week of Masses from around the world to celebrate the coming-into-effect of Summorum Pontificum, many of them involving bishops. Many of them are to be found on the NLM blog. However the latest one, from Santiago in Chile, I found strangely moving. I suppose it might be because I don`t know much about Chile, but it`s good to see that this is more than just a European, American and Australian event. I wonder if we shall see any pictures from Africa? The world is beginning to feel more recognisably Catholic. Here are some of the Chilean pictures courtesy of El Soldado Romano via NLM.

Apologies to all those who find this more recognisably Catholic (H/T to Catholic Church Conservation):


Anonymous said...

What on earth?

gemoftheocean said...

As regards your bottom picture, it looks like everyone attending except the celebrant have recognized the fact that the man is a jackass.