Wednesday, April 29, 2009

If you`ve never been to Ushaw.... are some more pictures.

Here is the high altar:
A view from the ante-chapel:

The English martyrs` picture in the cloister:

It is so sad that only 20 students rattle around in a building made to accomodate 300. In my time in the 80`s there were over 160 students. `Nous devons refonder l`eglise` as I think a Canon of Gap said to me on the Chartres pilgrimage a few years ago.

Many thanks to Leo Darroch again for the photos.


Flo said...

It's fantastic, and to think you have something like that practically on your doorstep.
Since it seems so underused would it not be possible to ahve a parish trip there or even say Mass there even just a couple of times a year?

Fr Michael Brown said...

Well it is well used by conferences. When we were there there was a big group of clergy from the United Reform Church who were staying for the week. In fact it proved quite difficult to find a time when they could take our conference: that week was the only one we could have. I hope we have got a booking for next year.

I will be back there for Mass on June 27th when the Schola Gregoriana of Cambridge are there for the weekend and are having a High Mass in the Extraordinary Form (as well as an OF Mass on the Sunday and even a Anglican Eucharist before that).

Anonymous said...

Only 20 students? That's amazingly sad. I hope Ushaw doesn't go the same way as St Joseph's College, Upholland .