Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Feast of the Holy Rosary

Today is our Patronal Feast. I preached at Mass but we haven`t got any liturgical splendours planned for today. I`ve no idea why the parish is dedicated to St Mary of the Rosary rather than Our Lady of the Rosary but I must admit I prefer our title as `St Mary` sounds better to my ears than `Our Lady` for the title of a church as being more ancient.

We are having a mini-festival of events for Rosary Week however. On Saturday night we had a hugely enjoyable and successful ceilidh which many of our young parishioners attended. The proceeds went to support SPUC. Tomorrow night we have a concert of sacred music in church with the Sunderland Singers and on Friday the St John Singers will perform songs from the shows in the parish hall.
Maybe next year we`ll do something special liturgically too.

The picture for today I`ve borrowed from the ever-wonderful Hallowedground.


Rubricarius said...

The title of your church almost certainly reflects the re-naming of the 7th October feast from 'Holy Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary' to 'Blessed Virgin Mary of the Rosary' which took place with the New Rubrics in 1961.
'St. Mary' certainly sounds more ancient and IMHO better.

Solemn Vespers, Mass & Mattins for the Octave of Title?

Fr Michael Brown said...

Rubricarius thank you for the information. I don`t know what we`d do without you. I`m glad you agree about `St Mary`. I only wish our church building reflected a little more of the more ancient too.