Friday, May 23, 2008

Catholic Truth Society

I had an email this afternoon asking me to draw attention to the new website of the Catholic Truth Society which I am glad to do. In recent years the CTS has progressed by leaps and bounds and now produces many good publications. I have used the Evangelium course in the parish which I enjoyed very much. We have a stand with many of the CTS Essentials pamphlets: while it would be wrong to say that they have sold like hot cakes I think it is useful to have them for people to pick up if they are asking questions about what the Church teaches. I was very pleased to see the CTS so quickly publish the wonderful Fit for Mission document of the diocese of Lancaster regarding Catholic schools. Their service for sending out new Vatican documnts as they appear is also very useful. We are fortunate to still have a CTS shop in Newcastle. So if you would like to see the new website click here

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