Monday, November 05, 2007

Episcopal Rebellion

At least it has been noticed. Archbishop Ranjith again! H/T to Rorate Caeli.


Et Expecto said...

It may be a littlt soon to start the campaign,but I will vote for Archbishop Ranjith to be the next Pope.

Fr Michael Brown said...

He does seem to be one of the more colourful and perceptive members of the Curia. I`m looking forward to him taking over at his own congregation, although he seems to have more or less achieved that already: Cardinal Arinze seems very quite these days.

Dr. Peter H. Wright said...

Yes, I had read this post at another blog.

There appears to be a consensus that Archbishop Ranjith knows perfectly well what he is doing, and that he probably knows the names of those bishops who disloyally have tried to put their own restrictive interpretation on "Summorum Pontificum".

I am very taken with his mention of the "sin of pride - one of the greatest sins"

To anyone with the power to obstruct or derail "Summorum Pontificum", I would repeat the famous words :

"Beware the sin of pride, for by that sin fell the Devil and his angels".