Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Another first for Hexham and Newcastle

I was delighted to hear that Leo Darroch, a member of this diocese and seen here greeting the Holy Father earlier this year, has become President of Una Voce International at their recent meeting in Rome. Leo has been secretary of the International Federation for a while now. A man more dedicated to the traditional Mass (aka the Extraordinary form of the Roman rite) one could not hope to find.

Unfortunately, an interview with Leo has appeared on the Petrus site. I was somewhat taken aback when I read it, even with my declining knowledge of Italian. This did not sound like the Leo I have known for about 20 years. Having spoken to him today I am glad to say that he has been seriously misrepresented and is preparing a rebuttal. The interview was conducted in English and on three or four occasions he asked whether the Italian journalist understood the points he was making. He was assured that everything was understood but this is clearly not so.


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I too was rather perplexed by the interview - it seemed to portray Leo Darroch as a insisting, politically correct person.

I believe in this age, people should be able to speak of the excesses of the Council and its failures in the area of liturgy and ecumenism, without fear of reprisal.