Sunday, June 03, 2007

Chant Sunday

Today, being the first Sunday of the month, we had Chant Sunday. For a change from Mass XVIII we introduced the Kyrie from the Missa de Angelis and had the Ite missa est also from the same Mass as well as Mass XVIII for the Sanctus and Agnus Dei. I`m glad to report that the parts from the Missa de Angelis were sung with enthusiasm. Maybe next time we`ll use the Sanctus and Agnus Dei from that Mass too. Maybe after a few months of that Mass we can move on to try some other settings. Thanks again to Ian Graham and the ladies of the choir for leading the singing.


Anonymous said...

Sounds wonderful!

God bless

Fr Michael Brown said...

Thanks Jackie. It`s not the Oratory but I think we are making progress!

Anonymous said...

Hi Father

The Holy Smoke website listed on the right of your blog is really interesting, but the link is broken!

Any thoughts on this morning's news about Sony setting a war game in Manchester Cathedral?

Fr Michael Brown said...

Anonymous, I hope the link is fixed now. There is an interesting story there today on the case of the missing cardinal! I haven`t had any thoughts about the Manchester Cathedral thing.