Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Changing a church

Thanks to Fr Tim Finigan for pointing out the site of Duncan Stroik who is responsible for this amazing transformation of the church of St Theresa`s in Sugar Land, Texas, which he says has been on the Catholic blogosphere for some time. Not everyone who visits this blog may visit his so I include it here. I was much heartened by this and other examples of his work on the site. I didn`t think such things were possible nowadays.


And after:

UPDATE; another before and after! Quite amazing


Anonymous said...

What an absolutely incredible transformation,it gives one a great deal of hope.

John said...


Alnwickian said...

The Altar is clearly set up for Mass 'facing the people' and looks from the photograph to be unusable for celebration 'ad Orientem'.

Is this progress?

Fr Michael Brown said...

Alnwickian it certainly is progress. Of course I would prefer `ad orientem`.