Saturday, April 14, 2007

The New Translation

Thanks to Valle Adurni for the preview of the latest draft of the new translation for the Novus Ordo. It is very satisfying to see such an accurate translation at last. Yes I know the previous one was composed according to the then Vatican directive to capture the sense rather than provide a literal translation but it was often so far removed it is debatable whether it really caught the sense. This example from Fr Tim Finigan made me laugh out loud:

Latin text
accipens et hunc praeclarum calicem in sanctas ac venerabiles manus suas

he took the cup

he took this precious chalice into his holy and venerable hands,

I also enjoyed the remark of Northern Cleric:

One thing I will not be making room for in my diary is the inevitable "training day" that will be organised by the Diocesan Liturgy Whatsitcallednow? (they keep changing their title). I can read.

This translation will, I hope, do a lot to improve liturgical standards by changing the atmosphere of worship. I`m looking forward to getting started with it.

An interesting account of the problems of the translation currently in use, given at a lecture by members of the new ICEL committee, can be found on the Fumare blog. It`s fair to say that raising any of these issues at Ushaw in the 1980`s would not have done one`s path to the priesthood any favours. How wonderful to see these self same points being made by the present members of ICEL. It feels like a dream.


Anonymous said...

Raising anything remotely Catholic with some of the Prof's who reigned at St Cuthbert's in the 1980's, or even behaving as a Catholic should, could place one's path to Holy Orders in jeopardy..... "too rigid", "far too clerical", "We can't quite put our finger on it, but we think you should leave."...

Fr Michael Brown said...

Well as you might imagine I could say a lot about Ushaw in the 1980`s but I suspect this is not the right medium. Congratulations on still being a Catholic!

Anonymous said...

Thanks be to God, I had a bishop who saw through it all and he ordained me....

Fr Michael Brown said...

Well that narrows the field considerably!