Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Buy now while stocks last

Catholic World News reports today:

In expectation of the motu proprio, Catholic bookstores in Rome have begun selling copies of the 1962 Missal. Expecting brisk sales, publishing houses in Italy are reprinting the old Missal.

I`m glad to say that I beat the rush in that I ordered 50 copies of `The order of Mass (Tridentine) in Latin and English` from Carmel of Plymouth a few months ago! I`m also glad to say that the vestments that come from Luzar`s all come with maniple, veil and burse too. I may however need a couple of sets of altar cards but I suppose in an emergency there are always the online sets from the sedevacantists! Surely the waiting must be nearly over.


John said...

From what I've heard, the motu is expected tomorrow.

I'd still love you to celebrate Novus Ordo in Latin Father! And Mozart! Perhaps on Chant Sundays.

John said...

The Gloria from Mozart's Coronation Mass is fantastic. Perhaps you could replace the children's liturgy with obligatory choir practice...With cassocks....lots of cassocks!

Sorry, I slipped into a musician's fantasy then...ah, Mozart...

Anonymous said...

I can't wait but I really don't see it coming during the Easter season; that's a nice idea but it's just another speculation.

Some years ago I was blessed to find an internet book collector who had several things that I bought; it never occurred to me that it might be a sin to buy them but anyhow, I "own" two Altar Missals. It will be a huge joy to present them to the first priests in our diocese who will say the Tridentine Mass.

(And you can have my veil when you can pry it from my cold, dead, fingers!) [By the way, I'm a convert so this is NOT nostalgia]

Fr Michael Brown said...

John, I really can`t see any circumstances in which I would want to celebrate the NO in Latin. I would be more than happy to have Mozart during the NO but traditional music never sits easily with the NO: all that drumming of the fingers on the altar while waiting for the Sanctus to finish because the priest is not allowed just to get on with things! The Kyrie and Gloria can be accomodated but not much of the rest. I love Mozart`s liturgical music and would enjoy such a Mass but there are other problems at the Forest. For example the organ has been effectively wrecked so while it would be possible to engage a choir it may be necessary to also get in an orchestra unless we try to accompany the music on the little Bontempi creation!

Fr Michael Brown said...

Hebdomadary I don`t expect anything either after all this time. Cardinal Bertone`s announcement almost hurts as I have to start hoping again.