Sunday, January 28, 2007

Bad News

There is an interview in today`s Sunday Telegraph with Fr Foster, the papal Latinist. In the course of this he reflects on the new indult. :

He (Fr Foster) said reports that Pope Benedict will reintroduce the Tridentine Mass, which dates from 1570 and is largely conducted in Latin, were wrong – not least because of the Pope's desire to avoid more controversies. A speech last year offended Muslims and more recently he gave initial support to a Polish archbishop who was eventually forced to resign, after admitting that he had collaborated with the communist-era secret police.
"He is not going to do it," Fr Foster said. "He had trouble with Regensberg, and then trouble in Warsaw, and if he does this, all hell will break loose." In any case, he added: "It is a useless mass and the whole mentality is stupid. The idea of it is that things were better in the old days. It makes the Vatican look medieval."

This is the first time I`ve seen anyone suggest it`s not going to happen. Not sure what Fr Foster means by saying it`s `a useless Mass`: a strange expression to use.


Monica said...

Father - Fr Zuhsldorf ( doesn't agree with Foster's interpretation.

I'd side with Fr Z. The Holy Father knows about the issues involved and so, yes, he may wait to choose his moment - but I'm sure he will make his announcement, perhaps linked with the issue of the Apostolic Exhortation - which one of the Catholic papers this weekend suggested could be March!

It's very frustrating keep hearing all these various dates, none of which I take any notice of now. However, the tide does seem to be slowly turning in favour of Tradition - but the wait is a little trying of our patience!

Anonymous said...

Reggie Foster, in spite of his deep love for Latin and occasionally teaching beautiful bits of the old chant, really is not at all a fan of it returning to everyday liturgical use. (Despite saying Mass in Latin himself, i believe) Therefore I'd put this one down to just being his personal opinion.

The ever moving date though is becoming a frustration and rumours can surely only cause distraction; let's have something concrete soon.

Fr Michael Brown said...

I did consider doing Regie`s course as the people I knew who were doing it were so enthusiastic and I thought it might brush up my Latin. I regret not having given it a go. I can well imagine Reggie says Mass in Latin.Extraordinarily he also seems to say Mass in the nude. Cf.
He also admits he has only met the Pope once so he is hardly an insider.

Monica said...

If it is true that he says Mass naked, then he is clearly no respecter of the norms of the Church with regard to the use of sacred vestments.

It seems to me that the only link between this man and Tradiitonal Catholics is that he teaches latin. Big deal. The more I read about him, the less impressed I become.

Fr Michael Brown said...

Dear Augustinus, I see that this interview was given in 1998 so it was John Paul who he had only met once. Still if e only met himonce in all his years it doesn`t sound like he has the kind of job which brings him into close contact with the Pope.